Patients at 利兹儿童’s Hospital will receive a special visit from 圣诞老人 Claus today (21 December) when the festive favourite was elevated up to the windows of the inpatient wards at the Clarendon Wing. 

由于Covid-19,医院不得不限制进入病房– including visits from 圣诞老人 - to stop the spread of the virus among patients, their families and hospital staff. 

Thanks to BAM 施工, 圣诞老人 was transported to all four floors of the hospital on a special ‘cherry-picker’在他可信赖的精灵同伴的推动下与 目前在医院里,其中许多人可能仍会在圣诞节期间。 

利兹儿童’s Hospital’护士副负责人劳拉·惠兰说:“圣诞节对我们年轻的患者来说很难在医院住院,但是我们的团队竭尽全力使它变得尽可能有趣。今年我们’我们必须创造性地思考如何使圣诞节魔术活着,并在慈善机构和支持者的帮助下,我们开展了一些精彩的虚拟活动,让患者参与其中。 

“Having 圣诞老人 visit from outside really is the icing on the cake and brought lots of smiles to these brave little faces. We can’非常感谢BAM 施工的帮助。”


BAM 的建筑经理Matthew Garnett曾为该信托基金会的许多建筑物工作过:

“We’我非常喜欢我们的朋友在信托,我们没有办法’d leave patients at 利兹儿童's Hospital without a visit from 圣诞老人 even in this terribly difficult year. 

“It was the least BAM could do to find a cherry picker, 圣诞老人 and an elf. I hope this small act of Christmas spirit spreads a little sunshine for those in hospital at this time of year.”

The 樱桃采摘 was kindly supplied by Nationwide Platforms. 

扮演专家梅根·福尔摩斯说:“Santa’今天早上的访问绝对是‘wow’孩子们的时刻– we’整个周末都很忙,帮助他们‘Santa, Stop Here’窗户的招牌!经历了如此艰难的一年,能够实现他们的梦想真是太好了–这样的事情对患者产生了真正的影响’福利,并给我们所有人带来帮助。”